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Our Planning Fee structure is as follows:

Individual Components: 

Domestic Air      . .......$25
International  Air ………$50

Custom Itineraries  

 Itineraries are designed with flexibility and personalization in mind, allowing travelers to explore their chosen destinations at their own pace and according to their unique preferences

 It  includes combination of Airfare, Hotel Reservation ,Rental Car, transfers or booking tours and activities

 Adventure Suited for week-long vacations.

Cost: $150 per small group (maximum of 6)

Voyage Adventures lasting up to 14 days

Cost: $250 per small group (limit of 6)

Quest  Adventures lasting up to 21 days

Cost: $350 per small group (limit of 6)

Legendary Escapes or Larger Groups

Tailor-made solutions for larger parties or extended journeys.
​Ideal for exploring distant lands and thorough tours.

Let's talk and discuss it.
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